Album release

Our album “Tides” is out now!!

Very excited to release our debut album AND play the first show ever at Roadburn!
We hope to see you at 16:10 Hall of Fame

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Single release “Of Those Stricken by Fate”

The second single “Of Those Stricken by Fate” of FREJA’s debut album “Tides”.

An ode to the resilient we have lost and for that which is gone. Pushing through life and pursuing, despite the hardships.

“As I saw the forging

Of a heavy heart

Gaining strength, growing

Still not knowing”

FREJA live debut at Roadburn 2022

“FREJA prepare for their debut performance at Roadburn this April.

At the last edition of Roadburn – way back in the distant fog of 2019 – we brought together an ensemble of Dutch black metal musicians to perform under the banner of ‘Maalstroom’. That collaborative project sparked several more creative fires – some of which we’re still to see reach their fullest form. However, one that has made impressive headway is FREJA, who we’re delighted to welcome to Roadburn 2022.

Formed by C. of Witte Wieven and W. Damiaen of Laster and Willoos, the pair struck up both creative – and romantic union – as a result of Maalstroom. They have been at work since, writing what will soon materialise as their debut album, Tides. Just a few days ago, they released the first track from the album – a blistering shard of black metal swathed in an ethereal shroud titled Our Chosen Path.

Of their upcoming performance, FREJA comment: “The spark that lit the fire of FREJA started at Roadburn during the Maalstroom project in 2019. We got the opportunity to expand our horizon and found each other musically. We are very honored to play our debut show at the place where it all began. A big thanks to Walter for his support, trust and being an open minded spirit. We are very much looking forward to share our inner fire with everyone else at Roadburn“

Stay tuned for more from FREJA as we embark on the journey toward the release of Tides – and beyond.”

Single release “Our Chosen Path”

We are proud to present to you the first single from our debut album “Tides”. The album art is painted by Johan Prenger . Cover design by N.

Tracklist “Tides”:
1. Our Chosen Path
2. Scattered Shields
3. Dusk
4. Cataclysm
5. Of Those Stricken by Fate
6. Cloaks of Valor

Pre-order the album at Babylon Doom Cult Records


We are FREJA

Consisting of C. (Witte Wieven) and W. Damiaen (Laster, Willoos). This project originated from the Maalstroom project at Roadburn 2019, where Dutch black metal bands came together. During this collaboration, we found each other musically (and romantically). Since then we have been writing music and finished our first full-length album. Keep an eye on this page if you want to know more!